Who we are

BNR Bouwstoffen BV is a trading company with natural stone types, recycled materials and plastic materials for ground, road and hydraulic engineering, governmental projects, environmentally conscious companies, and private individuals. The purchase, sale and transport of all materials offered by us are coordinated from our office in Werkendam.

Our depots in Werkendam, Eemshaven, Moerdijk and Dordrecht are located on the water giving us easy access to load and unload (sea) ships. All locations have weighbridges so that loading and unloading can be done easily by truck.

Our products are transported in the quantity you require and delivered throughout Europe. We work together with well-established logistics partners to enable delivery by truck, ship or train at the location and time of your choosing.

How we distinguish ourselves

The purchase and sale / delivery of an extensive range of building materials that consists of these product categories: quarried and natural stone, light embankment materials, mixed and concrete granulate, crushed stone, splits and sand and gravel. Thanks to our long-standing relationships with manufacturers and suppliers we have a strong reputation in the Dutch market supplying products which include lava, E-bottom ash, Glasopor foam glass, washed crushing sand, sea gravel and plastic road plates (recycled plastic).

We have strategically located storage at Eemshaven, Groningen, Moerdijk and Dordrecht for the delivery of an extensive range of grades including washed crushing sand from Norway, sand and gravel from Denmark, natural stone from a variety of European partners quarries. For deliveries (including big-bags) of (natural) stone types we also have a 10,000 m2 storage facility next to our office in Werkendam where sea ships can be loaded and unloaded. Trucks can also be loaded in Werkendam, full weighbridge facilities are on site.

Along with our highly experienced sales and purchasing team we can utilise the expertise of product specialists from our partners quarries, including Norway, Germany and Belgium. This combination of experience and product knowledge enables us to support and supply an ever-growing range, including alternative sustainable building materials.